Shazia Ginai

CEO at Neuro-Insight UK formerly P&G

Hosted By

Nathan Anibaba

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Shazia Ginai is the CEO of Neuro-Insight. They are a neuromarketing and neuro analytics company that uses unique brain-imaging technology to measure how the brain responds to communications.

This allows them to deliver unique consumer insight, and reveal how a piece of design or advertising is affecting people at both a rational and an emotional level.

We discuss:

-How the brain works

-Influencing human decision making

-Her time with P&G and phd

-Imposter syndrome

-Leadership becoming CEO of a multimillion-pound firm at 36 years old

-Female leadership and underrepresentation of minorities in media 

If you’re a marketer in any shape then get a cup of coffee and clear some time in your calendar.

Enjoy the chat.